Amazing Pictures

Snake Picture Group

My daughter LEFT the area . . . as you are looking at that good looking snake, peel your eyes away for a moment to the bottom of this culvert well. NO we didn’t install this well. We were cleaning it – snake and all. Let’s see, water that has the underlying root taste, mixed with rusty metal for color, and a bit of snake for fun. Ha! We earn our money with what we do. . .

Smokey in the Trench

So we needed to figure out how to pull 1000′ of heavy pipe, conduit and wire down a trench. This crazy horse seemed to think this was fun. . . we did too!

Junk in the Trunk

Our new truck had to go to the hospital since it died, so I had to borrow my wife’s car and I threw everything I needed in the trunk. Fortunately, we are still married since we bought another truck the next day.

Bumper Stickers

I’m a well-driller. My wife is a quilter. In a parking lot, we stumbled across this car, whose owners are apparently our alter-egos. What are the odds?

Video: Air Jetting

We are able to brush and air jet the perforations deep in wells with this custom tooling.

Video: Water Displacement

As we poured gravel down into a well, water was displaced back up the hole. Behold, the power of displacement!

A Very Clean Basement

This client wins the award for “The Best Crawl space EVER!” He concreted the entire floor and had roll-a-round chairs for us to access his pressure tank and water treatment system.   Wow!

Icicles on the wheels

We’ve been known to work in some pretty lousy weather.

Grown up and still having fun

Whether I’m grown up is debatable, but I am still having fun.

Oil & Water

Hoo-boy. We never know what we’re going to get when pump testing a well. This oil smelled like old engine oil. NOT GOOD.

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Accidently bought stainless steel chain. Thought Grammie could use a new necklace!
The cost of the drill stem, the stabilizer, and the bit, on this job that got stuck down the hole was about $40,000. It took us three difficult days to get the tooling out of the hole. Obviously I am very very happy to see this tooling – and you can bet that I was thanking my loving God at the same time!
This was this young man’s first day on the drilling site with us. Without asking, he went and gathered up the trash, that wasn’t even our trash! Many of us old timers moan and groan about the young generation – about trying to get any work out of them. But, the secret to this young man who was willing and able to bust his tail at work, was that he dearly loves the Lord! Boom!