How Much Per Foot – Waaa!

Look at the way my Grandbaby Sir Weston looked when I asked him, “How much per foot?!”

Am I allowed to have a pet peeve?

For over twenty years, I have gotten phone calls from wonderful, well intentioned people who want a well and whose only question is, “Hey, how much do you charge per foot?”

Please hang on to your sense of humor here.

My question to you is this. When you call your local car dealer and want to buy a car, do you call him up and say, “Hey, how much for a car?” . . . . Buying a well is no different than buying a car.

  1. You want to know how many people you need to carry in a vehicle. With a well, you want to know how many people the well is going to serve.
  2. You know what kind of terrain a vehicle is going to have to navigate. With a well, you want to know what kind of construction your well is going to need due to the terrain that it is in.
  3. You have some idea of some idea of what you can afford for a car that includes – oh my gosh – wheels, and an engine! Talking about the rough cost of a well without including the pumping system and excavation, storage, or electrical, is like costing a car without an engine.
  4. When you’re buying a car, don’t you know some of the options that you are willing to pay for? If you don’t know much about wells and need some idea of what specifically you are purchasing, please spend some time reading up on your well options.

We are so confident that when you compare what we offer in value compared to what we charge . . . OMG – per foot, that we even offer a comparison page. Please print that page and compare us apples to apples to the other guys.

Click here to learn how we construct wells . . . Comparison Page.

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