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Water Treatment

Double Cart Filter Setup

We have NEVER seen anyone else put gauges, valves, and hose bibs on the plumbing before and after each of the filters. This is so important. How do you know if your filter cartridges need to be changed? The differential pressure between the gauges will let you know. Notice the heavy steel brackets that hold the filters securely. Yep, we custom build them in our machine shop. (Click here to continue reading.)

Subdivision Water Systems 

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Over the years, we have been involved with the development, construction, or major upgrades of most of the small water systems here in Archuleta County.

We fill the void between residential water systems and municipal water systems. Small subdivisions from four to forty homes present unique challenges. We are experienced in bridging the gap between the costs of over designing a small water system with municipal materials, while being able to make sure that a blend of residential and small commercial materials will provide a reliable, cost effective, easily serviceable, water system. (Click Here to continue reading.)



When we bury water line without conduit and wire along side, we install metallic caution tape about 18″ down in the trench. We replaced about a mile-and-a-half of glued together PVC water line with poly pipe that year. I have a number of 11th commandments. One of them is, “Thou Shalt Not use glue together PVC waterline in 5′ deep trenches in SW Colorado.” (Click here to continue reading.)

Machine Shop & Welding


We didn’t machine this . . . but we did dream up this design and had our good friends at HSC in Farmington build this driver for us. One of the ways we can install steel into a collapsing hole is to take this tooling and insert either 7″ or 8″ steel pipe into the slots, attach an air hammer to the threads and then force the steel casing into the ground by spinning it. We’ve never seen anything like it, but it works! (Did I mention that this whole arrangement gets flipped 180 degrees to use it?) (Click here to continue reading.)

Build Custom Well Equipment

Missions Projects


We’ve got some great clients in Durango that are faithfully working in Bali with several children’s homes. They’ve moved these homes out into the country and need their own wells. We worked with them on exactly what kind of drill rig they would need and found that a small cable tool rig would be perfect . . .  eventually. The story of how this rig was found, how many people have joined with us in helping us rebuild this machine from the frame up is something you may want to ask us about. The story of the six months it took to get it shipped to the island reads like a James Bond novel, sans the pretty girl. (Click here to continue reading.)