Cistern Backfilling



Cistern Excavation - Before Cistern Excavation - After
Here’s a cistern we installed both before and after we backfilled the hole.

Trench Through Backhoe Arm

Isn’t this a cool shot? When I grow up I want to be a photographer. . .

Carla in Bucket

On our Bed and Breakfast weekend trips, either I hang with my bride at a quilting store, or she puts up with me at auctions. Here’s my bride, Carla, sincerely hoping that we never purchase an excavator this big.

Looking Like The Boss

I bet you thought I was a real contractor since this looks like my dog . . . sorry.


This is my buddy, Tasmanian John. This guy gets more work done quicker than anyone I know. I guarantee you that this well will never be the same!

Burying Tape

When we bury water line without conduit and wire along side, we install metallic caution tape about 18″ down in the trench. We replaced about a mile-and-a-half of glued together PVC water line with poly pipe that year. I have a number of 11th commandments. One of them is, “Thou Shalt Not use glue together PVC waterline in 5′ deep trenches in SW Colorado.”

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