Machine Shop & Welding


We didn’t machine this . . . but we did dream up this design and had our good friends at HSC in Farmington build this driver for us. One of the ways we can install steel into a collapsing hole is to take this tooling and insert either 7″ or 8″ steel pipe into the slots, attach an air hammer to the threads and then force the steel casing into the ground by spinning it. We’ve never seen anything like it, but it works! (Did I mention that this whole arrangement gets flipped 180 degrees to use it?)

Machine Shop 1

One of the reasons to have a machine shop and fabrication shop is that we often have to build something that simply isn’t made. In the piping in the above picture, water is pumped from left to right – normally. The piping contractor for this subdivision left some gravel in the water lines. When the valve on the right was opened the velocity of the water would suck the gravel back through the water meter and demolished two water meters before we built . . . the ‘screen’ on the picture below. . .

Machine Shop 2

This mechanical screen was placed on the left connection of the water meter and stops the gravel from entering the water meter. The discharge pipe below will get rid of the gravel when the valve is opened.

Bolt We had a client out of water since a PVC version of this broke 10′ below grade on a 35,000 gallon buried steel tank. We overnighted in the stainless steel parts, machined it and welded this specialty conversion fitting together.

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