Missions Projects

We’ve got some great clients in Durango that are faithfully working in Bali with several children’s homes. They’ve moved these homes out into the country and need their own wells. We worked with them on exactly what kind of drill rig they would need and found that a small cable tool rig would be perfect . . .  eventually. The story of how this rig was found, how many people have joined with us in helping us rebuild this machine from the frame up is something you may want to ask us about. The story of the six months it took to get it shipped to the island reads like a James Bond novel, sans the pretty girl.

Our Pro’s were willing to donate their time to work on this.  But since we’re all working people with families, we paid our people to work on it. The 5′ diameter ‘bull wheel’ was re-fabricated with laminated special plywood that won’t rod or warp for its’ future high humidity climate.

Missions Projects 1

Yep, I drove all the way to Flagstaff Arizona for this rusting, twisted hunk of junk drill rig. It started out it’s life in 1927 as one of the first cable tool rigs that were all metal . . . mostly. You ol’ timers might recognize the motor as a Model A Ford motor. When I arrived to pick this up, I took a picture of it and e-mailed to my son in California. He called me back immediately and said, “Dad, PLEASE don’t tell me you are going to want to rebuild this!”



Missions Projects 2

After looking at the twisted metal of the old rig for a couple of weeks and then praying about what on earth to do, we went ahead and started over with a new frame. Oh my.

January 2015: My Buddy ‘Tasmanian’ John is currently teaching our missionary friends how to drill with this machine in Bali. I’ve GOT to go and find the rest of these pictures.