Water Treatment

Double Cart Filter Setup

We have NEVER seen anyone else put gauges, valves, and hose bibs on the plumbing before and after each of the filters. This is so important. How do you know if your filter cartridges need to be changed? The differential pressure between the gauges will let you know. Notice the heavy steel brackets that hold the filters securely. Yep, we custom build them in our machine shop.

Cartridge Filter Unit for Water Treatment

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Smack dab in the middle of this picture is a black Chemical Feed Pump that draws Hydrogen Peroxide from the two 15 gallon tanks. It is incredible that the injection of a small amount of the Hydrogen Peroxide stops the sulfur smell in this water. Below, you can see what turns the Chemical Feed Pump on and off. 

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A major trick to injecting Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorine into a Direct Pressure Pumping System is to be able to start and stop the Chemical Feed Pump at the right times so that the material is mixed in the water properly. You can see that the tiny Red Wires go to an circut board in this controller. Then power is applied to the relay below that actually runs the Chemical Feed Pump seen in the picture above this picture. It works very well. Franklin Electric does such a great job with their equipment.


It GLOWS! This is a UV light that kills bacteria and e-coli and gives peace of mind for the owners of this system. The piping caught part of the light from the stainless steel canister. Guess we know the light is working . . .

Water Treatment 2

These are the health department approved filters for small subdivisions. We work as hard as we can to never install filters like this – if there is any other way to treat the water. It ain’t the initial cost – it’s the upkeep with these filters. The replacement bags that go in them are flat-out expensive.


UV Light Group

Subdivision Four Filters Picture

This treatment system cleans up water that varies depending upon the time of the year. Notice the full access and clean installation.


We’ve used Ozone for Iron and Sulfur removal for twenty-five years. Several years ago, we finally built our own Power Ozone Filter Unit. This filter has a built in submersible pump and has four times the power of the Triple O units that we’ve used in the past. The replacement parts cost less for our Power Ozone Unit and they last longer. If you have a storage tank system and need treatment, Ozone may be an option for you.

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