Subdivision Cisterns

Installed Cross-Over Subdivision Pumping System in client’s cistern.

We install our unique cross-over piping manifolds either in client provided cement cisterns or in our own pre-built subdivision cisterns. The point of the cross-over is that the water from the subdivision feeds both the cistern and home since the water is under pressure. Only when the subdivision water pressure drops does the cistern pump turn on and maintain the pressure of the water. This is slick. It saves the homeowner the cost of electricity and the cost of the wear and tear of the pump. Another thing we have developed and never seen anyone else install.

Our unique manifold cross-over piping in cistern with slide disconnects.

Subdivision Cisterns 1

Notice the pitlesses that this brass assemblies are connected with. You WILL have to maintain the valves and the gauges. You simply reach down and pull up on the assembly and the pitless lets it go – no pipe wrenches – no knee pads – no dropping one of the pipe wrenches in the cistern . . . thus no bad language!



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