Are You Out of Our Area?

You’re Calling from Out of Town and Want Help:

‘Out of Our Area’ is defined by more than a 2.5 hour drive from Pagosa Springs on the Google Mapping.

I’ve spent many hours on the phone over the years helping people who call from all over the United States and even Internationally. I like to help; I want to help. And . . . I have helped many people understand what to do and how to go about their specific needs. At this point, I only have so much time and we happen to be a for-profit business. That is the idea, anyway. So I’m being squeezed by my CPA, my wife who pays the miserable taxes and insurance, and our Office Manager who is in charge of paying the rest of the bills, to be more effective with my time.

If you want to me to consult with you over the phone, you will need to make a nonrefundable $100 payment via credit or debit card to our office.  At the time that you do that, our personnel will schedule with you a time slot of up to 45 minutes of my time. If I spend 12 minutes on the phone with you and you’re done discussing whatever . . . ya spent a hundred bucks.  IF you need more of my time – or our office managers time – than 45 minutes doing research, putting together hand drawn working drawings, or reviewing data and pictures that you send me, we’ll charge your credit card $100 per hour in 15 minute increments. Our office will e-mail you a paid invoice as soon as you have made the payment.

If you’re going to pay for my golden words – HA! – I suggest that you e-mail our office with whatever data and pictures that you have so that I can be more effective with our time and your money.

You’re Calling from Out of Town and Want A Proposal for Drilling or a Cistern or other Major Stuff:

It’s the same deal as above, except that whatever you spend on the consulting will be rebated to you IF you purchase something that costs more than $3000, less shipping, within 60 days.

Also, if you are roughly a day’s drive away in heavy equipment, you might want to plug in the cost of about $1000 for moving in and another $1000 to get back to Pagosa for a Journeyman and an Apprentice. I’m stating this up front because I’ve wasted a bunch of time with people who are shocked that we actually have to charge for moving equipment across the state. When I can fold my arms and blink (think of ‘I Dream of Jeannie’) to transport ourselves and equipment, I won’t have to charge.

So . . .

It IS flattering to be called for good information – my Mom is turning in her grave since someone might pay me to NOT shut up!  But as nice as flattery is, my hard-nosed business people simply can’t write a check with it.

Thank you for understanding!

Joel Hellwege, H.S.