A submersible pump attached to ‘drop pipe’ ready to be installed in the well. Notice the shadow of the hoist truck.

After 25 years in the water well drilling and pump business, I am still in awe of the efficiency of submersible well pumps. A 1.5 HP pump will lift 10 gallons per minute from 300 feet deep in a well. Imagine circular steps going down 300′ to water in a well. Imagine taking a five gallon bucket and running down those circular steps, dipping the bucket in water, then running back up those steps 300′ to the surface, then pouring out the water onto the ground. How many minutes would it take you to get 5 gallons of water?  How many trips huffing and puffing up and down those steps would it take before you had a heart attack?

A professional grade 4″ in diameter submersible pump that is three feet long, will pump 10 gallons per minute, twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year, for more than a decade, before needing to be replaced – roughly 52 million gallons!  Submersible pumps are amazing.

Check out the next couple of sections to see how we take ‘amazing’ and make them work for you.

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