Constant Pressure Well Pumps

Exterior controller mounted on weld-on bracket on well head. The pressure tank is long and skinny and is 40′ down inside of the well.

The future of well pumps is here. “Constant Pressure” variable speed pumps that speed up and slow down depending upon the amount of water being used. The efficiency of these pumps, combined with being able to install the pumps and the need for small pressure tanks in the wells, and in the cisterns, make them cost effective and fully maintainable at the well head or cistern, without having to access the inside of  your home. 


We installed this infiltration gallery well for one of our A-List Clients about 20 years ago. When their water needs for the ranch increased, we were able to add this constant pressure controller and produce up to the Colorado maximum of 15 gallons a minute at 80 pounds of pressure. Notice the metal “hat” that is installed over the controller. This is an upgrade that we have done on our own since we have seen how the hot Colorado son damages electronic equipment, as the years go by.


Notice the Stainless Steel pressure tank on the left. The pump hangs on the bottom of the white PVC pipe.


This Constant Pressure pumping system has a hydrant, and an additional small pressure tank in the meter pit.


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