Intro to Wells: Drill or Gallery

This is one of the important questions we are going to answer when we assess your property for your water needs. Any of us in the drilling business can tilt up a drilling rig, blast through nice easy to drill shale, and get you water.  The real question is, “What quality of water are you going to have?”

If you have the potential of getting good quality water from a drilled well, you should probably have a drilled well. If we are pretty sure that there isn’t much chance of good quality water, we will look and see if your property has upper ground water where we can install an infiltration gallery well. All three of the areas that we work in, Pagosa Springs, Bayfield, and Durango, have saturated alluvial areas next to rivers that allow the potential of wonderful gallery wells.

Each of the two types of wells have advantages and disadvantages. Getting good quality water from deep in the ground is the ultimate water source. However, here in Southwest Colorado, much of the ground material is an oil bearing shale that creates a rotten egg smell in the water. Most everyone thinks this is the biggest problem. The real problem with this water is the underlying sodium that is in much of this water.

A gallery well is an excavated well that averages about 15′ in depth. This style of well gathers and stores the water in saturated ground that is above the shale. Almost all of these wells produce great quality water, while also storing water like a cistern.

We don’t favor one well over the other. We simply want you to have enough good quality water for years to come. It doesn’t cost you anything for us to meet you on site and give you suggestions on what is best for you. Call us . . .

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