Core Compass

My wise and lovely wife and I have had a few discussions of whether or not to include our Core Compass in this website. Since this is what we use in our decision making on a daily basis, we’ve included it. I often look at websites  and wonder if the faceless people behind the website are people with whom I really want to spend my time and money. 

Every person in our little company knows and applies these values. Do we always do the right thing . ? . sadly no. But we hold each other up in trying to do the right thing every time. We feel strongly enough about these objectives that you are welcome to ask any of us out on site what they are. Even the newest hire on the first day out will be able to recite them . . . or we’ll knock off $100.00 off of your invoice.

The Core Compass of Justice Water Systems, Inc.

  1. Allow God to reflect through us in our behavior.
  2. Create benefit for those around us (i.e; our clients, employees, suppliers, other contractors, community-at-large).
  3. Be profitable = allow those who work to have good and secure income.
  4. Lead the water well industry by building innovative equipment for safety, efficiency, and comfort. 

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