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Joel & Carla Joel & Carla at Auto Museum

Ms. Carla and I were married late in 2007. My pretty girl is actually a school teacher who took pity on me and moved from Grand Junction to Pagosa in the spring of 2008. She is one of those ‘smart girls’ that graduated from Colorado Christian University with a 4.0 GPA – in only two-and-a-half years. The only dumb thing that she’s done since I’ve known her is . . . marry me!

I started out in life as a machinist, and then ended up starting and owning a machine shop in California for a number of years. When we moved up to Northern California, I moved next door to a well driller. That was 25 years ago. My family and I had a well drilling and pump business for 12 years in CA, and now for 13 years here in Pagosa Springs. My mechanical background is why I love building specialty equipment for our water systems business.

My Bride and I have seven adult (thank God!) kids between us. They are a good part of the reason that Ms. Carla and I share an active prayer life. We are currently attending Amazing Grace Church here in Aspen Springs. Pastor Mark Disbrow has a real heart for building up the community through helping people in every part of their lives. We also IMG_1892have lots of friends at the Pagosa Bible Church and I attend the men’s Bible Study there every week.

One of the biggest blessings in our lives since we’ve been married was attending the Crown Financial Ministries classes that were hosted by our CPA. We were able download deep into our hearts that God owns all the stuff that we have. The tough part was that God has tested us with the reality of whether or not we really believe him. The other lesson that we got from these classes is that God wants us to be debt free. You’re welcome to call and talk with myself or my bride about how God can work in your life if you want to let him.

My bride enjoys sewing quilts for the Prayers and Squares ministry with a number of ladies of various churches in Pagosa. One of the things we enjoy doing is finding and staying at unusual Bed and Breakfasts anywhere we visit.And look like you’re working when the “Boss” shows up in her Pink hard-hat! (By the way, my bride HATES this picture! :))We Are Blessed,

Joel and Carla – January 2015

Carla in a Pink Hard Hat

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