The Pros



Ron is the most cheerful guy in our company. What you see is what you get. Here he is smiling as we get ready to ‘trip out’ (remove) 500′ of drill pipe. Ron has taught me another way to cope with difficulties. When Ron is processing some bad news, he often says, “Oh Well!”  (Ya really have to be there.) He’s faithful to our little company just like he’s faithful to his family. And ladies . . . this man’s a catch – he’s single. He cooks wonderful food and fills out his bib overalls with his big heart . . . And next year he’s gonna win Pagosa Chili Cook Off contest!

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 What kinda Grandpa would I be if I didn’t have great pictures of my Pagosa grandkid on this page?


Barbara (I call her Grammie) works wonders keeping the inventory lists updated and the office running smoothly. Oh, and she drives a mean truck, too!

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SOMEBODY is giving us the BUTT! Ha.